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The YNC Newsfeed provides a space for dealerships to view the current sociopolitical climate of the automotive world, as well as current events at YNC.

Reasons to get involved with Your Next Car

As a dealership, your options for online listing platforms are endless. However, Your Next Car offers a service a league above the rest. We at Your Next Car understand the need for reasonably priced listings with transparent fees on a website that has a large amount of traffic. Many sites will often be customer focused, forgetting about the dealerships, which with their listings, are the ones that keep the customers coming. But what does Your Next Car offer you to make us stand out from the rest?

The focus is to benefit the dealerships

Your Next Car does not surprise dealerships with hidden fees or extortionate listing prices. We simply offer a monthly charge for listings. We understand your profit margins are vital to your survival and by offering no hidden costs, our relationship will profit. We at Your Next Car have made the choice to only list cars from dealerships, not the public. Such a decision benefits dealerships by not diluting the market with cheaper options.

We do not dictate

Our terms are clearly laid out on the table. We do not dictate you into our preferred payment plans or spring surprise charges on your listings.

You're not just a dealership, you're an investor

There is no monopoly here at Your Next Car, everyone has an equal vested interest due to your ownership. The benefits of your investment are greater as an early investor with lower initial investment figures. Not only does Your Next Car save you money on average monthly costs, but in addition, your investment could potentially increase as the company grows.

Have your say with a dealer- focused platform. Your Next Car wants dealers to air their opinions on where their investment should grow. We like to create strong relationships with dealers, after all, they are investors and their say matters to us. We as a team have the potential to conquer the monopoly.

If you are a dealership that wants to jump on board the Your Next Car journey, contact us today through our website. If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email on or call a member of our friendly team on 020 3399 8060.